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Answers to the most common queries. If you need extra help, just ask

We would recommend a minimum term of 6 months on the SEO service packages. Although results can be acheived fast depending on the industry we are targeting you for, leaving after a month or two will reap you off the full benefits which you have yet to experience. To grow and maintain your ranking, SEO should be considered a long-term steady activity to ensure the best results at all times.

The rate at which the results ascend depends entirely on various factors. If your keyword is not overly competitive, results can be within 2 months. If your industry is extremely competitive, it may take up to 6 months to push your ranking to the top.

We cannot rank you for keywords already taken by another client of ours. It would be unfair to rank both clients for the same keywords as only one can make it to the top. We also do not accept keywords which includes the word “SEO”.

To check the links we have created which links to your site, sign in at Google Search Console, and click on “Traffic” in the sidebar, and select “Links to your site”. From there you can download a list of recent links.

Results fluctuates on a faily basis and are entirely unique to each searcher based on their location and browsing history. We retrieve the results and report it with a cleared browser cache and randomized IP address to simulate a fresh search.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is marketing a websiteg on search engines through Google Ads. Its a paid service whereby you pay to Google to put ads on the search engines for keywords related to your brand. The more comeptitive the keyword is, the higher the cost of the ad would be.

Keyword analysis is all about the keyword or keyword phrases you want to rank for in search engines. It involves research of your business and its industry and market and the benefits you offer your customers.

Be careful of SEO companies who claim to guarantee rankings as search results are computed by Google’s algorithm that automatically indexes sites according with various criterias. SEO Lah’s guarantee is to provide our clients the very best of the years of our search engine visibility experience.

Only Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provides a guranteed search placement since its paid such as Google Adwords pay-per-click program. The disadvantage of paid adwords is that once you reach your daily advertising budget or cancel your adwords campaign, your website will no longer appear in search engines.